Official DOA6 Costume Thread

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oh nice i'm glad they randomly brought back hitomi's steampunk dlc. that one was good

I'm not really found of Lei's new jacket casual, but it fits her I guess.
same, it just feels like a bootleg of the panda outfit
which is of course going to be dlc because they know

also both the mesh and ESPECIALLY the texture of the other casual one look so bad when you put it next to the new designs. now you're just padding out the costume count


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It doesn't bother me much but the people here do have good points. First is the difference in the amount of costumes between male and female. Nico is new and she has more than Diego.

Then there is also this.

Leifang got her new DOA6 outfit, her DOA5 default, and some other outfits such as the black dress and the striped shirt dress thing. Other females even got completely new costumes while characters like Hayate, Brad, Eliot, and Ryu only got their new DOA6 outfit and one costume from DOA5. They could have done the same thing they did for the females and recycle costumes for the males too.

It's been a while but I think in the first DOA5 Hayate had more than 2 costumes so if 6 really only has 2 costumes for Hayate then that is a big step down. I expect improvements in a sequel. Or at minimum the same amount of content, not less. I'm fine with females having more costumes but males having only two costumes is a bit too lazy. If the males only have 2 costumes what is the point of DOA Central? It can't be that bare bones right?
Ryu doesn't have a new DOA6 outfit, deat. It's his all time default one. Him and Bayman didn't have the chance to have a totally new outfit, that's pretty disappointing !
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