Official DOA6 Costume Thread


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It's only a reworked version of the SAME outfit. So Bayman and Ryu didn't get anything new at all.
Exactly... it's like saying Kasumi got a new default in DOA4 because they gave her long hair and updated the texture lol
Ugh I'm so confused about this whole situation.
There's at least SOME unrevealed outfits that will make it into the final game. There were some early reviews that stated that there's a lot of "cheesecake" when it comes to the outfits so there might actually be more... i'm not keeping my hopes up at all though.


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Well we have only been seeing incomplete demo builds of the game so the idea that there's more outfits we haven't seen that will be in the final game is great. I seriously just need this game to be out already, The wait is feeling longer and longer the closer we get to release.
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I still think there's gonna be more in the final game since every time a new build pops up something new is shown like hairstyles and such, I just think the reviewers don't show everything they aren't able to to avoid spoilers like how we haven't seen any real spoilers of the story mode yet.
They also said they'll add additional quests in quest mode over time so I think they'll go that route when it comes to offering more costumes like how SC6 and T7 has unlockables and DLC and how SF5 offers special battles so you can unlock the 4 parts to acquire special costumes without paying for them. It would be nice yo have unlockable older/classic costumes added in quest mode to go alongside the new DLC and hairstyles we'll already be getting tbh
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