Official DOA6 Costume Thread


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Well, people demanded Ryu in a tuxedo… so there we go I guess (will he wear a mask though?)

The costumes look kinda nice imo, but it's still fetish DLC right out of the gate XD
I kinda assumed they would start selling classic costumes as they did in DOA5.


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I mean, it looks like there aren't going to be many legitimate costumes in the base game, especially for male characters. So first DLC, do we at least get some classic costumes or unique designs specifically tailored to each character (a la DOA5)? Nope. Immediately jumping right into the overpriced fetish theme packs tied to season passes. Compare that the the first round of free costume DLC for DOA5 shortly after it's launch and... yeah.

It's kinda silly to be focusing on this in light of all the other stupid shit we just witnessed. But hey, it's still lame.
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