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    DOA3++ Balance/Gameplay Mod

    We got a bunch of ideas that we would like to playtest like giving Ein a bigger GB on his 7p so he gets a guaranteed 46p, should allow for some more wall goodness. We were also talking about removing the open/close stance mechanic since DOA 3 is so fast paced to the point where we feel that it...
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    Nothing is Guaranteed, Everything is Permitted - Hayate Combo Thread

    hey 3p stuns on crouching opponents now, when did they change this? I guess that's a buff even though it should've been like that from the
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    DoA5LR Hayabusa

    RIP Hayabusa? what does he have left?
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    DOA Tag Battle

    fuck this game too hard guys
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    weird, it doesnt connect for me :confused: maybe im missing something
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    I tested it and if you put COM reaction to guard then 3p won't connect. also your opponent have to be really stupid to try and press buttons after the throw and get counter blown haha
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    I never use it because you only get guaranteed 3p on counter or high counter and the backturned combo will never do more than 80-83 damage (except on alpha ofcourse) anyway so might as well izuna if I anticipate a hold.
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    on Fastest stagger escape, only 6p+k will give you a deep enough stun. Stuns like 6k, 3p or p will allow it to connect if they dont escape fast enough
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    Just saw this on stream and had to test it myself. His CB can hit now after 214p, in vanilla 5 214p pushed them too far away iirc, so guaranteed CB when you put them in threshold with 214p.
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    tried this for a bit and damn the timing is pretty hard, but 97 damage on NH is sick:).
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    1 bar against a friend who lives in the same fucking country as me....the netcode has hit a new...

    1 bar against a friend who lives in the same fucking country as me....the netcode has hit a new rock bottom.
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    Europa Players

    there's like nobody playing in europe, everytime I search for lobbies its either USA or Asia :(. add me if you guys are up for some matches.
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    I usually use 214p to go in since its +2 on block and if the opponent doesn't know then its pretty easy to get a 6p CH
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    they can hold 4h+k after 3p if they shake :( the only two launcher ive found that's 100% gauranteed so far is 4k and 8k
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    DoA5U Hayabusa

    Also it looks like 4h+k may be guaranteed after 214p now? at least the cpu can't hold it even with stagger escape set to fastest. 214p, 4h+k, 6p = threshold if 4h+k is guaranteed at least.
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