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While Im shocked the number one character isnt Kyo, Im overwhelming pleased that Terry won. He deserves it
Tbh there’s nothing shocking about that, Kyo is one of the few fighting game protagonists that doesn’t get that much love from the fanbase. I’ve seen lots of KOF fans calling Kyo bland and/or boring, and finding other characters like Terry much more interesting. Which surprises me since there’s some fighting game MCs (like Ryu in SF or Akira in VF which are the generic MC in a gi) that are also pretty one-sided but still they’re loved by fans and respected. I don’t understand why this doesn’t happen with Kyo. I guess it’s because Kyo can come up as kinda bratty, while characters like Ryu are more “the lone warrior” type but they still can be seen being kind and polite with their friends, which may make the fans have more respect for them than for some cocky MC like Kyo.
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These artists work freaking FAST as I believe this picture was made YESTERDAY after the kerfuffle. I didn't bring it up yesterday because... I thought someone would beforehand.


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Genuinely I had to stop reading twitter comments cause they were driving me insane lmao.
Also when people pretend they ever actually used OMG physics and that they're upset it's not in.

Who do these girls think they're fooling? We all know that physics mode was more as a joke than to actually be fan service people would be attracted to. The normal and "doa" physics modes were always the more attractive physics.
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