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Collection of Mainstream Articles Destroying Koei Tecmo's 'Hair Rental Service'
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Free Step Dodge commits itself first to the players of Dead or Alive, and since the controversial launch of version 1.20 we have made it a top priority to let Koei Tecmo know that these 'hair rental' & DLC business practices are unacceptable and that enough is enough. The mainstream press is hearing the community and responding to KT with questions and concerns of their own! Keep in mind that Free Step Dodge will still cover the offline players that make DOA what it is today and our latest post supports the efforts made by the community at Reversal in Philadelphia.

It's sort of hysterical that the mainstream media is covering this as most of them are not fighting game fans, certainly not players of the often times underrated Dead or...
DOA6 Jager Wins Reversal to Begin Tournament Streak
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This year Dead or Alive 6 is a featured game at Reversal in Philadelphia and Top 4 is being streamed for this minor, but intimate offline event. Jager returned after last week's Winter Brawl to put on another proven Rig showcase that ultimately won him the grand final against FSD's own, Matt Ponton. This short & sweet tournament featured high quality matches that are definitely worth your time to observe. Now that Reversal has concluded the complete Top 4 VOD is available at NerdStGamers Twitch channel!

Top 4 Highlights

:mai: :bass: Matt Ponton vs Jager :phase4:

Jager has a very solid Phase 4 with excellent fundamentals and a great pocket character if he wants to withdrawal from using Rig. Matt Ponton hits like a truck with both Mai & Bass, but he struggles to read everything against this tantalizing Kasumi clone. Ponton was able to defeat Jager in...
Koei Tecmo is Deceiving & Scamming Loyal Dead or Alive Players
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It's time for the Dead or Alive community to bear arms against Koei-Tecmo for the absurd implementation of leasing hair colors through exchange of REAL money through the currency of 'Premium Tickets' exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console. As it stands thousands of people have expressed their disdain for the hair renting feature and with very little care or concern from Koei Tecmo games. Today we have received an extremely deceitful ticket response to a customer from Koei Tecmo games and it appears that KT gives not one damn about the feedback they have received.

If you decide to continue reading this story. You will be disturbed. You will see Koei Tecmo for who they really are. Hell you might even cry.

For this particular situation DO NOT blame Team NINJA or Master. With the proof we have now this is definitely the doing of the big wigs at Koei Tecmo games, and their response was to undermine the customer's intelligence and play stupid with the situation assuming...
DOA6 Tamaki Revealed for Dead or Alive 6
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The new Venus Vacation character for Dead or Alive 6 has been revealed to be Tamaki today during a developer stream for DOAX:VV. This is interesting news for the community whether you are a fan of the volleyball game or not considering players could be introduced to a completely new fighting style or a returning move set mapped to this new character. A commentary for the reveal stream is available at Free Step Dodge's YouTube, but with no gameplay to be shown there was very little to talk about outside of Tamaki being invited to Dead or Alive 6.

1.20 has launched with much controversy surrounding the infinite micro-transaction loop of changing the color of your character's hair-style, so a solid reveal of this character may not fix every salty heart, but it could be a...
Opinion: DOA5 Master vs. Sweet Revenge was Pinnacle DOA
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Before Dead or Alive 6 there was Dead or Alive 5, Ultimate & Last Round and within a year people were showcasing the game offline with thunderous applause from the community and complementary winks from other communities that never considered trying DOA thanks to new creative combat intertwined with strategical elements to stages and their respective Danger Zones that the FGC had never seen before.

Some of the best characters to demonstrate the innovative features of DOA5 were Gen Fu & Ryu Hayabusa that could both send their opponents into intoxicating blenders through careful planning and prior lab training. Regardless if you thought these characters were fair or not, fighters Sweet Revenge & Master successfully discovered the perfect opportunities to maximize their damage and because of this delivered some of the finest matches this community has ever seen.

In a recent Emery Reigns video, he discussed what could make DOA6 better and that maybe the community needs...
DOA6 Jager Retains Winter Brawl: 3D Edition Crown
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Jager was able to secure his second Winter Brawl tournament win in a row at the 3D Edition of this staple Dead or Alive major. He took most of his opponents on a wild ride through the "Rig Cyclone" that is nearly impossible to escape at his level of play. This list of opponents included major players such as Lord Xavier, a fighter that has been on a rabid war path, fresh off his win at NEC 20 with Hitomi. Feel free to pursue our report here at FSD and check out the bracket at Smash.GG to complete your experience with this event. VOD Replay coming soon!

Highlights from Pools

Brackets C1 & C2 play out while Dead or Alive spectators at Kombat Network wait for the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament to conclude. Jager...

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