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DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Wins KUMITE 2019
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The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship concluded its current chapter at 'Kumite in Texas' with Top 8 fighting for a five-thousand dollar pot bonus and DOA6WC qualifying points. XcaliburBladeZ, Hoodless, Killy, Rikuto, SoSickNashFan, Mona, ElectrifiedMann and Mr. Kwiggle put their skills to the test on stream for your studious and entertainment purposes at PandaXGaming! Read our report & results here at FSD and check out the standings at Smash.GG.

Earlier this week the DOA6WC festivities started with the EU West online tournament, and this weekend Team NINJA finally revealed Momiji for DOA6 after...
DOA6 WC Shimazu Wins eSportsX at TGS
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Team NINJA's Dead or Alive 6 World Championship continues with three events throughout the next seven days with the EU East Online Tournament, Kumite and the TGS Fatal Match which showcased new Dead or Alive 6 content after Top 8. This TGS tournament is also about the passion of the players with over 100 fighters in attendance looking to punch their ticket to the main event. Team NINJA is generating more hype for their game universe by including Nioh 2 in their exciting mix of new content featured at TGS 2019.

There are a lot of great players scheduled for attendance at eSportsX this TGS, but it's also refreshing to see plenty of new names that are...

DOA6 WC EU East Online Tournament Live

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The EU East tournament is the third entry to the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship online tournament series giving players all over the world an opportunity to compete for qualifier points. You can watch the provided stream at 11am Pacific Time, and you can see by checking the standings at Smash.GG that this will be a very intimate event with only 7 players registered! Some of these tournaments have had decent turnouts, but this series is proof that what the players want at the end of the day is to invest their time into offline tournaments which have been successful thanks to the community and Team NINJA's support!
DOA6 Version 1.10 Released
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The new 1.10 update adds a few minor functionalities to the PS4 micro-transaction experience of Dead or Alive 6, fixes some bugs that are still currently unlisted on the official Team NINJA site, and adds three costumes with color variations that can be purchased with your player points. If you are unable to make individual purchases you are encouraged to wait until later on today, and the timing of availability could also be reflected by your region. You can get involved with this update by contributing any possible stealth changes to the system, characters, or the bug fixes.

Most of the players in the PS4 Dead or Alive community want individual costume purchase, and with Version 1.10 they are finally able to do this with 'premium tickets.' These tickets are exclusive to PS4 and are purchased with real money and can be used in the game itself to maybe bypass some of Sony's policies and...
DOA6 WC Killy Dominates the Competition at Summer Jam 13
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The latest chapter of the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship journey ended at Big E Gaming's Summer Jam 13 with Killy and Tina obliterating every player on their path to the main event at Tokyo, Japan. Team NINJA started off Summer Jam by hosting a special exhibition featuring: International Battles, West vs. East Coast, Grudge Matches plus Male and...

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