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Version 1.16 Patch Notes Released - Third 'Revival' Pack
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Team NINJA has been releasing patches weekly instead of bi-weekly which is kind of out of the norm for them, but also makes sense this week given it's December and the last 'Revival' pack is Christmas themed. If you are not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, consider accepting a gift from Team NINJA anyway, with next free costume celebrating 2+ million Core Fighters downloads. Version 1.16 patch notes have been released, and outside of stuff already mentioned in this news post, there is nothing new to report for the gameplay.

Some players are already reporting to have the new 'Revival' available to download, and this pack includes 28 costumes! Some of these costumes are color swaps from red-black; the black Santa being coded "Bad Santa" for Bass in Dead or Alive 5. The free outfit included with this update will be the fifth outfit given away in Dead or Alive 6, previous...
DOA6 LordXav1er Dominates NEC 20
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@LordXav1er managed to absolutely dominate his opponents with Hitomi at Big E Gaming's NEC 20. Not only did he make Hitomi look like an S-tier superstar, but he crushed some of the strongest players in the game today. Congratulations to Lord Xav1er as he has proven that hard work will eventually pay off if you remain dedicated to it. Stay tuned for the replay, check out the bracket and congratulate your new NEC 20 champion!

For those desiring to experience DOA6 at it's best quality, have no fear, as the tournament will run on PCs thanks to the dedication and commitment from Free Step Dodge's own Matt Ponton! Big E Gaming commits to this event with a beautiful seating arrangement and has the tournament hall emitting a stunning green glow that characterizes the NEC brand. The event is completed by the fighters that showed up and commentary from players that know...
DOA6 Version 1.15 Released - New Slow Motion Effect
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Team NINJA has released yet another new patch for Dead or Alive 6 including free game changes & paid DLC for all platforms! Players discovered new gameplay adjustments hours before the patch notes dropped at Team NINJA's official website. New 'Training Gear' DLC has been released, and Team NINJA has a free Kasumi outfit prepared for all players to celebrate 2 million Core Fighters downloads.

While Diego and Rig's 1P commands remain intact, Black Moon & Emery Reigns quickly discovered that most low-tracking 1Ps have been nerfed. Some players could consider this a very good thing for the game considering the strength of these moves, but others may wonder why on earth Momiji would be nerfed of her natural combo from this input when she's already near the bottom of the tier list. Hayate was beginning to build momentum in the offline scene with an impressive showing from Perfect Legend, but his 1P...
DOA6 WC Hoodless Wins the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship 'Main Event'
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The Dead or Alive Festival begins with Team NINJA's 'Last Chance' Qualifier while Main Event matches are currently being streamed. Expect to see a lot of scattered DOA productions throughout the event stream and check out our compendium for the complete time table & report. Follow our new Free Step Dodge Facebook page for the latest DOA announcements & news!

Because of stream scheduling the first two matches at the 'Main Event' are yet to be reported in this article but will be after the replay is posted by Team NINJA. Please check out the official bracket to see the complete results and continue to our report for the 'Main...
DOA6 Rachel Officially Revealed at Dead or Alive Festival 2019
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Rachel finally makes her long-awaited return to the Dead or Alive series being formally announced at the end of Dead or Alive Festival 2019! Alma's sister looks to transition to Dead or Alive 6 beautifully with a sleek & sexy design combined with new intoxicating moves. A lot of her original trademark attacks from Dead or Alive 5 are still intact as made evident by the trailer that also showcased outfits and purchase options.


We technically can't say that all of these moves are original to Rachel since her move-set is modeled from super-fun guest character Spartan-458 in Dead or Alive 4. That being said Rachel is an official Team NINJA character, and we will not have to worry about her being excluded from DLC outfits like Mai and Kula have been. Rachel's presence was so strong in NINJA GAIDEN and her compelling story and beauty made her a Team NINJA fan favorite overall.

Some of Rachel's past moves...

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