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DOA6 Rachel Officially Revealed at Dead or Alive Festival 2019
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Rachel finally makes her long-awaited return to the Dead or Alive series being formally announced at the end of Dead or Alive Festival 2019! Alma's sister looks to transition to Dead or Alive 6 beautifully with a sleek & sexy design combined with new intoxicating moves. A lot of her original trademark attacks from Dead or Alive 5 are still intact as made evident by the trailer that also showcased outfits and purchase options.


We technically can't say that all of these moves are original to Rachel since her move-set is modeled from super-fun guest character Spartan-458 in Dead or Alive 4. That being said Rachel is an official Team NINJA character, and we will not have to worry about her being excluded from DLC outfits like Mai and Kula have been. Rachel's presence was so strong in NINJA GAIDEN and her compelling story and beauty made her a Team NINJA fan favorite overall.

Some of Rachel's past moves...
DOA6 WC Design Contest Winners at DOA Festival 2019
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For over a month Dead or Alive players have been submitting their original costume artwork for DOA6 to Team NINJA with winners finally announced at DOA Festival 2019. Players can observe a ton of the submitted designs at the DOA6 Design Contest 2019 thread, and watch the results of the contest at Team NINJA's Official Twitch. This designer contest is complemented by a creative cosplay event with special guest Bass... I mean Matt Ponton.

The cosplayers put on an entertaining show and all have cool & individual character designs. @Matt Ponton brought back his Bass cosplay for DOA6, and it was incredibly detailed. There was a Hayabusa complete with a Dragon Sword, an identical twin of Brad Wong, and even some of the girls from Venus Vacation. The character variety at this contest was...
DOA6 WC Photo Contest Winners at DOA Festival 2019
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Team NINJA announced the three winners of the Dead or Alive 6 Photo Contest at DOA Festival 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. This event had hundreds of participants photographing the game within the rules & three categories: coolest photo, cutest photo and the best gimmick. This event gave players that don't normally compete in tournaments a chance to get their name and contribution out there with exclusive prizes from Team NINJA for the winners.

NiCO in her Witch costume casting an electric spell is the winner of the 'Cool' category. This outfit was released in the opening costume pack for Season Pass 3 at the end of October 2019. The player did a solid job of capturing Team NINJA's newest character in her element with dazzling effects & practical costume combination.

A Nyo-Tengu closeup in her wedding costume from Season Pass 1 is the winner of the 'Cute' category. Most people do not like the white costumes in Dead or...
DOA6 Team NINJA Plays it Safe with Version 1.14
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Since Dead or Alive 6 couldn't be delayed the community has since been treated to minuscule bi-weekly updates that provide simple fixes and additional content for the game. Patch notes have been released via Team NINJA's official website and Summer continues this Fall with the 19.99 USD 'Hot Summer' Bikini pack. This is the third consecutive DLC pack to completely shutout the male characters and the second set not included in a Season Pass.

Our report for Version 1.13 was adamant about bringing back tournament notifications to the news box located at the main menu for DOA6, and Team NINJA has quickly responded to this coincidentally with notices pertaining to the Main Event of the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship this month at DOA Festival. To make things even better, Team NINJA's offline...
DOA6 Version 1.13 Patch Notes
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Team NINJA has released Version 1.13 Patch Notes for all platforms at their official website and have launched Season 3 with Halloween-themed Witch costumes exclusive to the female cast. The Season 3 Pass is priced at 79.99 USD and will include additional costumes from now through December. One additional character will be added in December, wildly believed to be Rachel who was found in the database by expert DOA modder, @gatto tom.

The bizarrely structured menu of Dead or Alive 6 is slightly improved in Version 1.13 as you can now quickly access your Wardrobe at DOA Central, but it's also one of the many ways costumes are advertised through individual purchase. Version 1.12 added one additional store link to the left panel of the main menu, and the news box on the top-right is easily the better view, but sends you to the exact...

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