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DOA6 FSD Presents 'Seagull Stress Test' Online Tournament Live
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Because of the pandemic fighting game communities have been resorting to online competition while we wait for our respective areas to open up again. Thanks to the efforts of @VigilantSeaGull & FSD you can spectate Dead or Alive 6 competition now at the official FSD Twitch channel. You can contribute to the growing prize pot via Matcherino. Commentary is provided by the hype machine, Megaphone Franke & veteran player, Seres Borne.

This 'stress test' is a first attempt at delivering competitive 'Stay at Home' online tournaments for Dead or Alive 6. While there have been some technical issues, the overall layout & presentation of this event has been great. The commentary is engaging, matches are fun to watch and Free Step Dodge's Twitch channel continues to evolve with a better look catered to players of Dead or Alive. This FREE entry...
News Zakkurye Royal Summit Complete Show Results & Replays
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Zakkurye has hosted his first Royal Summit FT10 series debuting the event for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round with XcaliburBladeZ & MCD as the two featured competitors. BladeZ has touted a vicious persona lately through social media calling players out and is truly playing the part of being a cocky prize fighter. MCD wanted to prove that he had the best Jann Lee but perhaps now is not the time as BladeZ answered the call and dominated most of this set.

If you think you are good enough to be featured in this FT10 Royal Summit series please contact Zakkurye for a chance to compete. There were a lot of spectators for the debut and the event was complemented with great commentary.

Episode 2 was released last week and features more matches in...
DOA6 Bass Complete Wall Game Guide
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While heavies have largely been nerfed for Dead or Alive 6 they still encapsulate most of the elements that make DOA great to begin with. Their incredible animation & move variety, staggering throw damage, gameplay options and tactics make them must watch characters at tournaments - especially since most DOA players prioritize speed-based characters into their respective game. A new member at FSD by the name of @cotrienla has shared his Bass Wall Game discoveries in a comprehensive guide that will give you an idea of how much Bass can do to his foes on various walls in the game.

New members of FSD are encouraged to report their unique character findings in the character forums. We provide a sub-forum for every official character in Dead or Alive 6 so please continue sharing and studying from the safety and convenience of your...
Celebrate Tamaki's Ban Lift with a New Shirt
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Verison 1.22 is expected to be the last update for Dead or Alive 6 and with it came a few inevitable send-off DLCs and a couple bug fixes before hanging up the vanilla version of the game. Thankfully 1.22 fixed Tamaki's 4 H+K to now be holdable and Tamaki's ban has been removed from Free Step Dodge's DOA Tournament Suggested Rulings. Please show your support for FSD and Tamaki by purchasing our beautiful new shirt from the FSD shop.

Tamaki was actually incarcerated (and not for public intoxication surprisingly) with two separate charges of bans that would have prevented her from entering at Final Round 2020 & April Annihilation. These counts are: The Two Week Character Release Limit and Unholdable...
Koei Tecmo Donates 100 Million Yen to Yokohama
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Koei Tecmo recently came out on social media with a press release stating that the company would be donating 100 million Yen to Yokohama city in Japan to provide medical support amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With everything going on in the world this year it's both positive & refreshing to see generosity and humanity take the forefront for a change. Koei Tecmo's first step is to provide 6,000 high performance masks.

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FSD Adds Steam Support & Replay Functionality
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Matt Ponton has really gone out of his way to express why the PC version of Dead or Alive 6 is the dominant version and the way to play this game. He shows his dedication by not only trucking gaming PCs to offline tournaments but by also adding additional tools to your FSD matchmaking experience. The best way to enjoy Dead or Alive 6 at the end of the day is by involving yourself with the community, and you're going to maximize your potential by having an account at FSD and being involved here.

More and more players are switching to PC because the graphics are better and the game runs optimally unlike base systems which are several frames behind. This is not only unfair to the players of DOA, but a year later this issue has not been fixed and likely will not be. Even if DOA6 is not in the best position right now, we intend to honor the people that do play DOA6 with our regular tournament reports & news updates and with new features like this Steam support.

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