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DOA6 WC Keisuke Wins ASIA Online Tournament | Season Announcements
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Team NINJA will conclude their online tournament series via their official Twitch channel for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship this Saturday at 5am EST with new information pertaining to DOA6 right after grand finals. This is Team NINJA's second largest online tournament behind NA East at 80+ entrants and the winner will receive 300 qualifying points for the ASIA leader-board. You can view results for the tournament here at FSD and you are also encouraged to follow the standings page at Smash.GG for a general attendance overview and live bracket.

If you peruse the ASIA leader-board you will discover that Siologica is currently winning the chase to Tokyo, Japan basically confirming his appearance with over 800 points. Players like Air-Gear and many more are...
DOA6 WC Hoodless Wins NA East Online Tournament
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The largest online tournament yet for Dead or Alive 6 concluded with Hoodless being declared the winner of those precious qualifying points for the DOA6WC point leader board. Point standings on the official DOA6 website are not current and will be updated soon, but regardless of that, Hoodless has his entry to the main event at Tokyo, Japan written in stone. Players are encouraged to peruse the event overview at Smash.GG and stay up-to-date with everything surrounding the DOA6WC by reading our regular tournament reports & news stories here at FSD!

Top 8 Highlights

:lisa: Tonami vs Serpent :mila:
A lot of back & forth action from these two flashy wrestlers that at first was clearly in Tonami's favor, but Serpent refused to go down...
DOA6 Momiji & Version 1.11 Patch Notes
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DOA players have requested Momiji long before Dead or Alive 6 was announced, and now their demands have finally been answered by Team NINJA as she has officially joined the growing roster of fighters. Momiji, Morphing Ninja Costumes, Version 1.11 & Patch Notes released today for all available platforms. Alongside Momiji and her premium costumes (that are much better looking & more plentiful than Mai and Kula's selections) there are new ninja costume packs that morph between a default color and gold when you taunt or break blow.

Momiji's beautiful animations, new moves, string options and break blow look nice and while there isn't much news...
DOA6 WC XcaliburBladeZ Wins KUMITE 2019
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The Dead or Alive 6 World Championship concluded its current chapter at 'Kumite in Texas' with Top 8 fighting for a five-thousand dollar pot bonus and DOA6WC qualifying points. XcaliburBladeZ, Hoodless, Killy, Rikuto, SoSickNashFan, Mona, ElectrifiedMann and Mr. Kwiggle put their skills to the test on stream for your studious and entertainment purposes at PandaXGaming! Read our report & results here at FSD and check out the standings at Smash.GG.

Earlier this week the DOA6WC festivities started with the EU West online tournament, and this weekend Team NINJA finally revealed Momiji for DOA6 after...
DOA6 WC Shimazu Wins eSportsX at TGS
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Team NINJA's Dead or Alive 6 World Championship continues with three events throughout the next seven days with the EU East Online Tournament, Kumite and the TGS Fatal Match which showcased new Dead or Alive 6 content after Top 8. This TGS tournament is also about the passion of the players with over 100 fighters in attendance looking to punch their ticket to the main event. Team NINJA is generating more hype for their game universe by including Nioh 2 in their exciting mix of new content featured at TGS 2019.

There are a lot of great players scheduled for attendance at eSportsX this TGS, but it's also refreshing to see plenty of new names that are...

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