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DOA6 Great Tamaki Guide Available by Force of Nature
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Tamaki released March 9th and despite being out for almost a month hardly any online tutorials are available for the new character. Force of Nature breaks the mold with a YouTube guide that is over twenty minutes long and successfully highlights all of the basic & advance fundamentals of Tamaki. With this guide as a companion you will no doubt be ahead of the curve just by following along and applying what Force of Nature has to say.

Force of Nature & Emperor Cow have created some of the best gameplay online video content for Dead or Alive 6 since release and have showed a steady commitment to the community for a number of years. Force of Nature backs up what he says with solid offline presence and...
Koei Tecmo's Latest Questionable Business Interview
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Game Industry. Biz met up with Koei Tecmo's CEO to discuss expansion, what's trending in the business industry of games & their recent success in the market. Hisashi Koinuma states that the conglomerate found global interest by focusing on their own Japanese identity when they have in fact been focusing on that specific subject for well over thirty years. Koei Tecmo fails to bring up the words 'Team NINJA' a single time in their ode to the golden brick road despite Team NINJA doing almost all of the work to give them this kind of "global success" to begin with.

I meet Koei Tecmo CEO Hisashi Koinuma on a day that's something of a quiet milestone for his company. Years of growth -- mostly organic, aside from Koei's acquisition of Tecmo a decade ago -- has seen Koei overspill its distinctive headquarters buildings in Hiyoshi, a university suburb in the commuter belt sandwiched...
Final Round & April Annihilation Canceled due to Coronavirus
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Final Round 2020 would have been one of the largest tournaments of the year for Dead or Alive 6, but unfortunately Tamaki will not be able to make her offline debut at FR because of the 2 week rule and the event has been canceled due to the disturbing & life-changing Coronavirus outbreak. Sadly, April Anhihilation is also being canceled due to the virus that has killed thousands of people since the beginning of the year. While it may sting that this virus has caused so much damage it is a good thing that the tournament organizers are looking out for the health of the players.

Remember to wash your hands and stay safe, community!
DOA6 Version 1.21 Patch Notes - FSD Welcomes Tamaki
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Spectate our Tamaki: Day 1 Training & Match-Gameplay Live Stream

Team NINJA released their Version 1.21 update on the 10th of March and it is scheduled to release in two different parts. Version 1.21 will roll out with Tamaki's debut to Dead or Alive 6, the Design Contest Winner Outfit DLC & bug fixes. Version 1.21a is expected to release sometime after the original patch to address the hair rental service debacle that has now gone on for almost two weeks. Team NINJA has since apologized for the perpetual loop of hair color micro-transactions and hopes Tamaki will be the remedy players are looking for while they scout a fair fix...
1.20 Requires PS4 Players to Pay Tickets Each Time a Hair Color Change Is Done
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UPDATE 3/6/2020: Team NINJA tweeted an official apology to the fighters and stated that they were working on a better alternative to distribute hair colors. So players are encouraged to not purchase anymore colors until the issue has been rectified. The big hope is that players are able to use their perpetual pile of in-game currency to purchase & swap hair colors.

UPDATE 3/1/2020: While we wait for an official response from Koei Tecmo the mainstream press has started dismantling the "bizarre" business practices of the company. YouTuber, YongYea and Kotaku have...
Collection of Mainstream Articles Destroying Koei Tecmo's 'Hair Rental Service'
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Free Step Dodge commits itself first to the players of Dead or Alive, and since the controversial launch of version 1.20 we have made it a top priority to let Koei Tecmo know that these 'hair rental' & DLC business practices are unacceptable and that enough is enough. The mainstream press is hearing the community and responding to KT with questions and concerns of their own! Keep in mind that Free Step Dodge will still cover the offline players that make DOA what it is today and our latest post supports the efforts made by the community at Reversal in Philadelphia.

It's sort of hysterical that the mainstream media is covering this as most of them are not fighting game fans, certainly not players of the often times underrated Dead or...

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Weird shit, but the newest game Maneater that allows you to play as a shark, has a built in button code that allows you to play and keep the full game for free. It was later patched. How in the world did they even allow it as at thing? how did that even happen? lol

Edit: Turns out it was a code for use to full access at events to showcase the game, but the code was still within the game.
I don't get how Westerners are Okay with telling people to git gud in Souls but when it comes to FGs they'd be smashing their pads and if we say that, people start actually leaving our playerbases instead of adapting.
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