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DOA6 WC Killy Dominates the Competition at Summer Jam 13
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Summer Jam 13 Report & Results

The latest chapter of the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship journey ended at Big E Gaming's Summer Jam 13 with Killy and Tina obliterating every player on their path to the main event at Tokyo, Japan. Team NINJA started off Summer Jam by hosting a special exhibition featuring: International Battles, West vs. East Coast, Grudge Matches plus...
DOA6 WC Kwiggle Wins Online NA West Tournament Tops Point Leader Board
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NA West Online Tournament Report & Results

Kwiggle secured 300 points for his point leader board total by defeating Crazy Steady in Grand Finals for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship NA West online tournament. The official site point leader board has not been updated yet, but this hard-earned victory has bumped Kwiggle to the top of the NA chart with a current total of 460 points! You can watch the entirety of the stream and all other DOA6WC tournaments complete with commentary and active leader boards via Team NINJA's official YouTube channel.

Grand Final

:christie: :mai: Kwiggle vs. Crazy Steady :nico:

It was nice to see players in Top 8 that we haven't seen in a while return to the scene in...
DOA6 Version 1.09 & Patch Notes
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Version 1.09 Report

The latest version (1.09) for Dead or Alive 6 has been released on all available platforms and comes with a handful of changes that you would expect from one of Team NINJA's regular updates to the game. The patch notes have been released via Team NINJA's official website, but you can report any possible stealth changes to your favorite characters now in their specific character board in the forum here at FSD. Also feel free to post any fixed bugs or stage changes you may find in the DOA6 system board!

1.09 includes compatibility and purchase options for part two of Season 2 Pass costumes. These new...
DOA6 WC iApprentice Wins WNF Series and Qualifies for Summer Jam 13
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Wednesday Night Fights Series Report & Results

This summer Dead or Alive 6 has been part of a special Wednesday Night Fights (WNF) series that gives NorCal and SolCal fighters a chance to qualify for Summer Jam 2019 as part of the road to the finals for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship. Level Up's event tonight at 8pm PST will determine who qualifies based on the number of points they have accrued throughout this series.

On June 5th iApprentice won the first 50 points by defeating Hajin's legendary Ayane and Domo's Kokoro playing as Eliot. Apprentice dominated this event and it's clear that his experience since maining Eliot in Dead or Alive 5 has transitioned nicely to DOA6 despite Eliot's plethora of gameplay changes.

July 3rd...
DOA6 WC Comic-Ari Wins EU West Online Tournament
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EU West Online Tournament Report & Results

Comic-Ari successfully collected qualifying points for Team NINJA's Dead or Alive 6 World Championship online event; scattering the balance of the current EU standings and defeating some of the top dogs in the community in perplexing Top 8 fights. If you missed out on the action, you can catch up by observing the replay on Twitch complementary of Team NINJA. They are posting lots of past DOA6WC tournaments on their official YouTube so if you have been busy it's time to conveniently catch up and refresh!

There are plenty of online events left and you can register for online tournaments as late as the day of the event and you are encouraged to check your region via Team...

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