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DOA6 Winter Brawl: 3D Live Pools and Semi-Finals

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Thanks to Big E Gaming and Team NINJA's Master, Dead or Alive 6 will make the cut this weekend as a featured game at Winter Brawl: 3D Edition after a 2-week delay canceled its original tournament debut. Due to the short notice and registration deadlines for the event, DOA6 will be smaller than one might expect for a major debut. The DOA5 tournament has been dropped and players in the DOA5 pool have transferred to the DOA6 pool.

If you are spectating, you are free to multi-task and play DOA6 for yourself through the timed deluxe demo this weekend. The pools show that top players like @Rikuto, @BBoyDragon and Xcalibur BladeZ will be there to showcase the game at its best and will be educational for everyone watching. The stream is likely...

DOA6 Sonic Fox and Kwiggle Streaming the Final Build of DOA6

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You might not get Dead or Alive 6 as early as Sonic Fox (and now his brother Kwiggle), but you will be able try all of the characters for yourself in the weekend demo (PS+ or XBOX LIVE required) that starts this Friday. While that's happening you can also spectate DOA6s first major appearance at Winter Brawl 3D if you didn't register for the tournament on time. Thanks to Sonic's streamed matches with Xcalibur BladeZ, the community is already beginning to find some new complex mechanics in DOA6s final build.

@DestructionBomb found some interesting tech with NiCO and is juggling the possibilities:

Teleport after Kokoro held the non-holdable strike:

First character that can do something like that. This might...

DOA6 EVO Japan 2019: DOA World Championship, Mai and Season Pass

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Team NINJA presented DOA6 today at EVO Japan in Fukuoka starting at 8pm Pacific Time. The stream was live via openrec, and the event started with a professional player exhibition and ended with Shimbori presenting information for DOA6. Every character will be unlocked for attendees at EVO Japan, and special DOA6 demonstrations from Siologica and Teru Rock were live streamed.

DOA World Championship was revealed at the show with 90k up for grabs and more details coming soon. Just a few weeks ago I expressed the importance of a championship in my opinion piece, and it's good to see that they do have serious plans in the works for DOAs offline community. A timed demo will be...

News DOA6 Officially Announced for CEO 2019

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CEO has confirmed that Dead or Alive 6 will be a part of their main tournament lineup this June in Daytona, Florida. It's recommended to register sooner than later to avoid late fees for the event. You can also contact CEO if you are a local looking to help out at the tournament.

This will be the first time that DOA has appeared at CEO, which is one the largest tournaments in the world, that grows in attendance each and every year. DOA players will have to adjust to fighting their matches in a wrestling ring, and competitors that make it to the finals will get their own entrance with music. When you combine the intensity and the pageantry of CEO with DOA6 and its community, how could you deny that this could be the best showing DOA has ever had?

Xcalibur BladeZ has already confirmed to FSD that he will be competing at the event with an emphatic "hell yeah"...

DOA6 Opinion: Team NINJA's Road Map is Pivotal to DOA6

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Since Team NINJA wants DOA6 to be taken seriously as an esport game, it is of utmost importance that they have a road map set up for fighters prior to the release of DOA6. A qualifying cup or tournament schedule would not only add to DOA6s replay value and help garner interest among fighters, but will show how serious Team NINJA is about making that change. Within the game development process you can see that they have made several changes to the style of the game to ensure that casual players also enjoy the experience and don't feel alienated.

This is a specific opinion post, so gameplay mechanic discussions (frame data, move safety) are better left for news posts or the forum. Since Team NINJA has delayed the game, and we have little data on the final build, opinions wouldn't be educative enough to matter. The general review for DOAs gameplay has been sincerely positive by most of the professional players in the DOA community that have played it.

Releasing a road map before the...

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The highlight from the beta tonight was when i watched Hitomi riding the pterodactyl in the dinosaur stage lol.
R.i.p combos off NH lows ( and NH mids for that matter)
Planning to be at CEO if I can get the time. :) Seems like my type of event.
The move changes and stun threshold change is wild lmao Its fun but this plays absolutely nothing like 5
Why KT don't care about spoilers? Still confused that they give permission for spoilers
I finally got my hands on Zack and wow he is different. His normal PPPP ends with a mid and the gravity buff to 33KK is sex. This character was buff to death.
*sigh* I decline like a million wifi players and then I give up and accept a 5 bar and instantly regret. Stop using wifi people.
DOA6 is so fun but that framerate on DOA Colosseum is a crime.
Damn Tina is strong right now.
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