1. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Kayane's Interview With Team NINJA's Yohei Shimbori

    // Kayane, a well-known competitive player in the FGC, conducted an interview with Team NINJA's Yohei Shimbori the future of DOA6 at Koch Media in Paris, France. In this article, Shimbori touches on several topics such as eSports involvement, community...
  2. GreatDarkHero

    Nyotengu Discussion

    Greetings all DOA players, fellow FSD members, Nyotengu players, and guests, The purpose of the thread discussion is to present the mighty female tengu, a playable character of Dead or Alive 6. The thread is going to speak on the subject of Nyotengu's move sets, narrative concepts, and the...
  3. deathofaninja

    Team NINJA Social Media Updates for DOA6

    Quick Source Reference Team NINJA on Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Official Game on Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Instead of pushing these types of tweets and mini-news updates in other threads, we might as well keep it all together in one place. Team NINJA has been posting a lot of Twitter news...
  4. Berzerk!

    Where to next for DOA6? Diving into the mechanics found in the DOAFES Build at CouchWarriors Crossup (Australia) with Video

    Had the opportunity to play a bunch of casuals and two small tournaments with the attendees of CouchWarriors Crossup, which was an FGC major in Australia last weekend. It was a Dragon Ball FighterZ Saga event among other things, and we had the DOAFest build of DOA6 to show the 500 strong crowd...
  5. Berzerk!

    DOA6 Dead or Alive 6 Preview Tournament (x2) at CouchWarriors Crossup (Melb, Australia)

    festAustralians can play Dead or Alive 6 early at the final major of the year, CouchWarriors Crossup - this weekend! The game keeps looking ever more stunning, with the latest build direct from Japan’s DOAFestival. Spectator pass holders can play including two casual tournaments with prizes...
  6. deathofaninja

    Official DOA6 Costume Thread

    13726 Let's use a dedicated thread as a reference for costumes announced for DOA6, and also as a discussion of costumes and favorite outfits. So far we have base game costumes, 'Digital Deluxe' costumes, and specific pre-order DLC. Team NINJA has shown outfits in reveal trailers and has shared...
  7. Darkslay

    ''Fascinating... Well show me what you've got!'' The DOA6 Jann Lee General Discussion Thread

    With the imminent release of DOA6 drawing ever closer to us, I think it's time we take a dive into what Jann Lee is going to be like in DOA6. As of now, this thread is going to majorly revolve around theorizing and discussing potential changes and possibilities for JL in the upcoming game...
  8. S

    30 slots cap on select screen, 8 more spaces available

    I tried to fill up the current select screen. Of course the portraits could get smaller or the posters on the side, but at the moment it perfectly fits 30 chars. I filled it with the currently revealed characters, which are 21, including Nyotengu, Phase-4 and the new announced female character...
  9. Matt Ponton

    Improving the Neutral: Shimbori Talks System Changes

    Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS) took place between the dates of September 20th to September 23rd in the Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo, Japan. It was my first time attending the event, and I had the fortune to visit it during the press-exclusive days of the 20th and 21st in addition to the public...
  10. D

    DOA6 Kasumi bouncing

  11. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Team NINJA Continues Arcade Support

    Recently, Team Ninja made an announcement that Dead or Alive 6 will be getting an arcade release next year in Japan! While details are scarce about the release date, it is currently known that the game will be running under SEGA All.Net P-Ras MULTI Version 3 for digital distribution. However...
  12. N

    [DoA6] So I guess we will have sidesteps (not only sidestep attack) again?

    I found this interview online: You may use ctrl+f and search "sidestep", then you may see the paragraph where he explains about sidesteps. Here is the quote: "...However the changes that we made, given the...
  13. deathofaninja

    DOA6 TGS Day 4 - Special Tournament

    13466 Team NINJA has been busy at TGS promoting Dead or Alive 6 with a fun exhibition, demonstration and public demo. After Tanii was victorious in the special Dead or Alive 6 tournament, Shimbori wrapped up their TGS show announcing the date to the next DOA Festival! Matt Ponton's visit has...
  14. CookingMama

    Honoka in DOA6 - New Moves!

    Howdy, all! I want to make this thread so all of Honoka's changes can be kept in one, easy to find place. Credits to this post go towards the great Matt Ponton/Sorwah and Miyabin. Thanks to them I am able to make this thread for you! I'll keep this thread updated as new information comes out and...
  15. DDominguez

    DOA6 Physical Deluxe Edition(s) Wishlist

    Japan has their Physical Deluxe Edition + the "Stongest Edition", and Team Ninja's Website currently only has a NA Digital Deluxe Edition with Phase 4 and a Costumes Set so far. What would be on your wishlist for a Physical NA/EU Deluxe Edition? Personally, while I'd be happy with just the...
  16. deathofaninja

    DOA6 Leifang and Hitomi Rock the Boat

    13414 At the EVO 18 Showdown, Team NINJA released some teaser images of Leifang and Hitomi, and a day before Gamescom kicks off they release the official trailer for the characters and also show us the new pirate ship location titled Forbidden Fortune complete with plenty of environmental...
  17. LethalKasumi

    DOA6 - write your own story

    This thread will be a flop but it could be fun. So, just like the title says - write your own story or continue where DOA5 left off. Basically write your own version of the DOA6 story using your imagination whether you add your own unqie characters or just use the current characters. I'm very...

    Dead or Alive 6: Make Ein Great again

    For all the fighters who have Ein as their main, this is my take on what needs to change to make him better in the next installment. Not looking at the new engine features, just his old and rusty command list. :confused: Thanks
  19. LeifangHitomiFan1985

    So, Now That Leifang and Hitomi Have Been Teased...

    What changes do we expect from Leifang and Hitomi in DOA6 in terms of moves/stances? I can't wait to see them unveiled on the 20th and hopefully be playable at Gamescom 2018. :)
  20. deathofaninja

    DOA6 Guides and Move Lists from EVO 18 Build

    There is a lot of new Dead or Alive 6 content for the community to dissect and look into, including downloadable move-lists, more hands-on time from the pros, and even some guides that lead to some hard-hitting damage this early on. If you discovered anything from the exhibition or would like to...
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