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DOA6 Why Leon is Frequently Requested to Return
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While Team NINJA is making big moves to bring their casual fan-base to Dead or Alive 6, it's important to remember that there is a list of possible characters that could return in the future. The most requested of past characters now that Momiji & Rachel have been released is Leon, and there are many logical reasons to deduct that he would be the best choice of the bunch even if it would be nice to see them all return. By simply applying the process of elimination to the remaining outcasts of DOA we can all see this become fact by the end of this post - and agree that Leon still has a place in this fighter.

Dead or Alive expects competitive players to be familiar with how the environment works, and how utilizing it well presents you with rewarding and satisfying damage. Can you name a character other than maybe Hayabusa that does this better than Leon? Taking Leon out of this game further cripples the lineup of heavy characters considering both Bayman & Bass are...
DOA6 New Venus Character Could Skyrocket DOA6 Player Base
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Before Dead or Alive 6 was released, Team NINJA seemed pretty confident when they stated that a Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation character would not make an appearance in the 3D fighter, but with the rising success of Venus Vacation it comes as no surprise that our favorite developer would recant their statements in favor of expanding their DOA6 player base to a new audience this March. This surprise character is a part of the Season 4 Pass, and can be purchased in several different skews if the SPs are not your forte. With this story we explore why Team NINJA recanted their official statements that could result in being one of their biggest & best business decisions in years for the fighting series.

Contrary to popular belief, Team NINJA has definitely toned the sexual nature down as they have promised for the 3D fighter. Rachel's Fiend skin was controversially censored, there is an option to censor select oufits, and even their offering of bikinis are...
EmperorCow Released a DOA6 Momiji Combo Video
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This video is meant to showcase what Momiji is capable of in DOA6 (Ver. 1.18). Combos marked with a yellow star cannot be avoided with fastest hold. Combos marked with a red star cannot be avoided even with fastest low hold.

News New Details Emerge for Team NINJA's Beautiful Nioh 2
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Team NINJA has finally permitted video game industry journalists to show more of their gameplay footage from upcoming mega prequel Nioh 2 showcasing a new location & stunning new boss fights while revealing more details themselves in the process through interviews. This epic adventure is being hailed as one of the best games they have produced since Ninja Gaiden: Black a separate Team NINJA series that also might see the light of day again soon. With gorgeous Nioh 2 coming March 13th, future adjustments to DOA6 & the success of Venus Vacation - 2020 could be the greatest year Team NINJA has ever had.

There are plenty of great interviews to read for Nioh 2 this week, and many of them feature Team NINJA's lead man, Yosuke Hayashi. He stated in the most recent Eurogamer...
News DOA6 is not Returning to CEO this Year
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The official main CEO game lineup for 2020 has been revealed and features 15 games, but Dead or Alive 6 is absent from one of the biggest annual events on the East Coast and will not be returning for a second go. Alex Jebailey, CEO of CEO, stated last year that if the numbers were good and the community showed up that it would come back for 2020. CEO's attendance reached 87 entrants in 2019, and XcaliburBladeZ was declared the winner in a brilliant set against the now reigning DOA6 champion, Hoodless.

With the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship out of the way, Team NINJA's main focus is going to...
DOA6 Hoodless Wins 4 Tournaments Consecutively to Begin 2020 Reign
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Some fighters train day and night exclusively for their opportunity at a big prize or payout in the FGC, but professional fighter, Hoodless will keep his momentum going regardless if it's the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship 'Main Event' in Japan hosted by Team NINJA or a side tournament located in a small suburb of Chicago. Despite a primitive recording of Top 4 coupled with low attendance, 'Frosty Fausting XII' is a prime example of hard work in the community, and this hard work will show itself to the tournament organizers and fighters from different communities.

Just several weeks after winning 'Frosty Fausting XII' Hoodless is able to collect another victory at 'Juicy Monday' as Dead or Alive 6...

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