Bass (DOA5LR) Strategy

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  • Introduction​ (top)

    Bass is a heavy wrestler with strong throws and strikes. If your opponent decides to duck under throws, his mids would convince them otherwise.

    Keeping things simple with Bass allows for effective planning and his simple yet effective mix ups make it hard for your opponent to make a decision and easy for you to condition them.

    Nitaku (50/50)​ (top)

    Nitakus or a two-choice guessing is a fundemental aspect of the game after gaining frame advantage. The most fun part of Bass is setting up a nitaku and dealing high damage from said situation.

    Most of his nitaku games usually start when you have frame advantage and a +3 is decent and +5 gives you more options in general. Most of the time, you end up getting such numbers after a guard break or a counter hit situation like :2::P: or :P::K:. Other moves give better nitaku situations such as :6::h::+::P: , where you're at +10 with loads of free reign to set up something deadly. That's where you'd either go for another throw reset or a mid like :3::K: against crouching opponents to launch them.

    All of his throws are good for any given situation, you'd want to make :6::h::+::P:, :214::h::+::P:, :624::h::+::P: and TFBB (while rising :6::4::h::+::P:) your main throws in most nitakus.

    If you think throws might be too risky, you can always use offensive holds for some damage or for catching strikes. Primarily, you'd want to use :6::6::h::+::P: or :426::h::+::P:. Bass' OHs have good range and deal decent damage, enough for conditioning an opponent to either try to throw to beat the slower OH or duck. You can deal with both using your mids.

    He also has a very good nitaku from when his back is facing the opponent where he can go for two very fast OHs against a standing or crouching foe or good tracking mids. With good tools transitioning into this stance with :6::6::K: or while-rising :4::P::+::K:, you can go back into nitaku to press on your advantage or start a new offense.

    Back Turned​ (top)

    Bass can force BT on opponent with either his :214::h::+::P::5::6::h::+::P: or his back facing OH which switches sides for guaranteed followup.

    For punishing back turned opponents, your best bets are :6::K::P: or :6::P::K:, giving you a ground throw or a guaranteed launcher, respectively.

    All regular launchers give high launch height on all but super heavy characters. This gives you all air throw options for max damage.

    In situations where you get a heavily unsafe BT opponent or after a hi-counter BT OH, you can get a full combo with :9::P::P:.

    Combos​ (top)

    Bass combos are best for good damage and oki. Most combos ending with :6::K::P: lead to a wake up vortex with a ground throw attempt. You would be sacrificing a bit of damage for more pressure, but it's still not a major damage loss.

    Wakeup Strategies​ (top)

    After doing :6::K::P: in a combo, Bass can always go for a ground throw attempt with :2::h::+::P:. This is part of a very good vortex where you'll force the other player to tech and if they don't they'll be in heavy disadvantage at -13. If they do tech they'll still be at disadvantage and still need to stay on the defensive. This is dependant on the height in which :6::K::P: was done in a combo and it determines the frame advantage Bass gets afterwards. However, if the launch is high enough to get a :426::h::+::P: air throw (usually from a counter hit launch), then this vortex won't work with :6::h::+::P: alone and it needs to be done from lower height, which is where you need to do :3::P: before :6::K::P: to get the proper vortex.

    Okizeme​ (top)

    After a throw, you have enough time to dash away to cause wake up attacks to whiff and punish them with :6::6::P::+::K: or :6::h::+::K:. The latter move is also good for crushing low wakeup attacks and trading with mid wakeup kicks.

    Ukemizeme​ (top)

    After a :6::6::P::+::K:, it's easy to visually tell whether an opponent has teched or not. You can simply either go for a ground throw if they stay down or you get very good frame advantage if they do tech (around +9).

    After :9::K:/:3::K::K:, you can also easily go for a ground throw, however there is a small window where you can dash in and attempting to pick up, but dashing after a knockdown regardless will keep you close to your opponent if they do tech.

    Stage Position​ (top)

    Bass usually doesn't care for most directions other than forward in order to corner an opponent to the wall but he certainly has tools to direct an opponent behind or to the sides.

    His best moves for controlling position on a standing opponent are his :214: and :624::h::+::P: throws, where he can direct either forwards or backwards. The first part of :624::h::+::P: can direct your opponent to the side depending on the stance and the extentions can also direct to his front or back.

    His Offensive Holds can also be used for positioning with :426::h::+::P: which direct to the sides or :8::h::+::P: which switches sides. His BT OH is also very good for changing position as you have total free reign afterwards to choose where you want to direct your opponent.

    His air throws are also very good for positioning as his regular air throw can throw to the sides depending on stance and cause wall hits and :426::h::+::P: is also very good for directing forward and backwards.

    Wall Pressure​ (top)

    After :6::h::+::P:, you can set up many different traps either for resets or wall combos. This is a very very good throw and position to be in as you have full reign to out whatever pressure you wish after a wall throw.

    After :4::h::+::P: wall throw, you can go for a ground throw attempt. This is similar to the vortex you get from combos, but you don't get as much advantage as you do if you whiff the throw. The timing is more specific as you need a slight delay before you go for the ground throw.

    Other​ (top)

    Bass has a unique Back turned mix up where he has a quick high and low offensive holds with very high damage potential.

    If a player does :6::6::K: on block, she'll be left at +3. If they the player then does either OH it would be able to catch any standing or crouching strike attempt with the very few exception of instant jump attacks such as Brad's. Anything else other than a backdash can end up caught with either OH.

    After a successful low OH, you'll be at +10 to force a nitaku on an opponent. The opponent is forced to duck or stand with no other options.

    The standing OH also has very good application as both normal and counter/hi-couter catch on an opponent give different result and damage potential. On normal grab, you get +15 on a back turned opponent and the choice of throw or launcher is your as they're all guaranteed. On anything but a normal catch, you get +21 and potential for high damage as you now have the choice of guaranteed combos and OHs. :9::P::P: ends up becoming a guaranteed combo starter and :426::h::+::P: can be nasty especially on water surfaces where it deals more demage.

    There are other moves which complement this mix up such as his BT :P::K: string which can beat out most regular 10i jabs. BT :4::K: and :4::P: end up being useful mid tracking moves. :4::K: causes sit down stuns on counter hit or crouching and gives a chance to launch an opponent. BT :1::K: gives a trip stun on hit and gives an options for high crushing and knocking down on counter hit.
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