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  • ALPHA-152
    Debut: Dead or Alive 4
    Fighting Style: Altered Mugen Tenshin
    Birthday: N/A


    "Alpha-152 is now entering its final start-up phase. Born with pure hatred for the world, and with the power to destroy everything."

    A character much like her "sister" Kasumi, with an emphasis on speed, the difference being she does a greater amount of damage, as well as a plethora of offensive holds to scare people from holding her launchers, which lead into devastating juggles!

    Alpha 152 sacrifices her defense for some of the best offense in the game. Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate tones down her offense, but even with a nerf, her damage output on combos is intense, her options for the critical burst game is insane and she has manipulative offensive holds with unique animations. She also has the strongest throw in the game which is appropriately named B.U.R.S.T.

    +Damage output
    +Easy juggles
    +Strongest single-input throw in the game
    +Potentially best parry in the game
    +Three critical bursts: a mid-kick, a mid-punch and a high punch

    -Non-damaging holds
    -No universal wake-up kicks.
    -No damage from counters
    -No useful guard breakers
    -Unsafe against a wall
    -Lack of tracking moves
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