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  • Ein
    Debut: DOA 2
    Fighting Style: Karate
    Birthday: He forgot (Age 23)
    Stats: Height - 180 cm / 5'11"
    Weight - 75 kg / 165 lbs
    Body type - B109 W83 H98 cm / B43" W33" H39"

    Games appared in: DOA2, DOA2LE, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3(unlockable), DOA4(unlockable)

    First appearance: DOA2

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Vigaku - DOA2 and 4

    Story​ (top)


    After being wounded from a near fatal attack by Raidou, Hayate was found and captured by DOATEC. There he was enrolled into Project Epsilon and was being brainwashed and trained to become DOATEC's supersoldier. For unknown reasons however, Lisa helps Hayate escape before they could finish brainwashing him resulting in amnesia.

    Hayate eventually collaspes and is found by Hitomi and her father in Germany's Black Woods. Hayate is taken back to their Dojo where he is nursed back to health but still suffers from memory loss. Hitomi and her father call him "Ein" since Hayate can't remember his name. Hayate decides to enroll into their dojo and quickly learns Karate to the amzement of Hitomi's father.

    Ein later on hears about DOATEC hosting a second DOA tournament. The name DOATEC strikes a nerve in his memory and he leaves to enter the tournament thinking that he may finds answers and possibly his memory. During the tournament he encounters Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane who claim he IS Hayate but disregards them and keeps to himself. He even encountered Helena Douglas who mentioned project epsilon to him and attempted to put him out of comission. It wasn't until Hayate encountered Kasumi during the later rounds of the tournament that he suddenly started to remember who he was. Upon regaining his memories Hayate left the DOA tournament and returned to the Mugen Tenshin village to take his place as the clan's leader.

    Character Links​ (top)

    While Hayate had lost his memory, he mostly kept to himself and didn't really interact with anybody besides Hitomi and her father. He spent a while at their Dojo and became good friends with Hitomi. And while he did meet up with Ryu and Ayane, the encounter did nothing more than confuse Hayate about who he was. It wasn't until his encounter with his sister Kasumi that he finally restored his memories.

    Gameplay​ (top)

    To be added later

    Moveset & Combos​ (top)

    To be added later.
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