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  • Kasumi
    Debut: DOA
    Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Tenjin Mon style)
    Birthday: Feb 23rd (Age 19)
    Stats: Height - 158 cm / 5'2"
    Weight - 48 kg / 106 lbs
    Body type - B89 W54 H85 cm / B35" W21" H33"
    霞, かすみ, Kasumi

    Games appeared in: DOA, DOA++, DOA2, DOA2LE, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3, DOA4, DOAXBV, DOAXBV2, DOAP, DOAD, DOA5, DOA5+, DOA5U, DOA5UA

    First appearance: DOA

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Ketsui No Toki - DOA
    Hitohira -Reminiscent of Ketsui No Toki - DOA2 and DOAD
    Eternity - DOA3
    Purity - DOA4 and DOA5U

    Ending Music​ (top)

    Glorious Victory - DOA2
    The Moon Leads Her To... - DOA3
    Now and Forever - DOA4

    History​ (top)


    Kasumi is the second child of the leader of the Mugen Tenshin Clan, Shiden, sister of Hayate and half-sister of Ayane.

    In their childhood, Kasumi and Ayane played together without knowing about their relationship, until the day Kasumi was dragged away from the "cursed child". Since then, she continued growing up playing and training alongside her brother Hayate, while Ayane started to develop deep hate towards her. When she was seventeen, her uncle Raidou returned to the village to obtain a ninpo technique called the Torn Sky Blast. After defeating Ayane, Raidou managed to mimic the technique from Hayate and rendered him both comatose and paraplegic before escaping. Since Kasumi was not present during the attack and no one told her about it when she returned, she had no clue what happened to her brother.

    Due to Hayate's state, Kasumi was chosen to become the eighteenth leader of the Mugen Tenshin Clan by her father and since she still wanted the truth about what happened to Hayate, she went to Ayane, who told her that Raidou was the one who harmed him. Finally knowing the truth, she secretly left the village to revenge for what happened to her brother. Once her clan found out that she had disappeared without permission, she got designated as a runaway shinobi and Genra, the former master of the Hajin Mon Sect of the Mugen Tenshin Clan ordered Ayane to kill her.

    On the run, Kasumi became acquainted with Christie and Bayman, who told her that Raidou was going to participate in a tournament, the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship, sponsored by the company DOATEC. After participating in the tournament, she was able to come out as the winner, which finally gave her the opportunity to face Raidou. With the help of Ryu Hayabusa, she managed to kill Raidou and avenged her brother, but seriously injured, DOATEC kidnapped her later for their perfect soldier program.

    After being held captive for a while by DOATEC in their labs in Germany, Ryu managed to find her. During the chaos caused by him, Kasumi was helped by Kasumi Alpha, a clone which was created from her DNA. Her clone told her that Hayate has also been captured by DOATEC and she hasn't been a good sister, leading them to fight each other. Finally, Ryu and Kasumi escaped from the lab. Although Ryu orders her not to search for her brother, she runs off again and found him alive, suffering from amnesia. Incited by Ryu, both siblings fought each other and after Kasumi was defeated, Hayate remembered everything. After this fight and a battle between Ryu, Hayate, Kasumi's clone, Genra and a brainwashed Ayane during the second Dead or Alive tournament, she runs away.

    She still desired to see Hayate once again, but constantly hunted and homesick, she was forced to cover her real identity by living and dressing like a normal high school girl and civilian. During the 3rd Dead or Alive tournament, she finally tried to meet up with Hayate again, who primarily joined the tournament to hunt down Omega, a super soldier created by DOATEC that was once a member of their clan. Kasumi leaved the tournament and avoided pursuit by a group of assassins from her former clan once again.

    Around the time of the 4th Dead or Alive tournament, Kasumi heard rumor that her former clan planned to attack DOATEC at their TriTower headquarters to take their revenge against the company. Once more, she entered the tournament to find Hayate, trying to convince him to stopping his war, but after hesitating initially, he continued with his plan, influenced by Ayane. Kasumi still followed them to the TriTowers and was confronted with Helena Douglas, the current head of DOATEC, who told her that another modified clone, Alpha-152, will be unleashed soon. While Helena tried to destroy Alpha-152, their fight was interrupted by the attack off the ninjas, allowing Alpha-152 to escape. Towards the end of the assault, the TriTowers became engulfed in flames and Kasumi returned to her life of a runaway shinobi.

    Character Link​ (top)

    Kasumi and Hayate were very close during their childhood, they played and trained together, living side by side until their mid teenage years. On the fateful day when Raidou returned to the village, everything changed for them. Kasumi, now deemed a runaway shinobi, lost everyone she once knew or loved, treated with disdain even by her closest friends and Hayate, forced to put his feelings aside and doing now what is expected from him as the leader of the Mugen Tenshin Clan. Ayane, her half-sister, has taken all her rage from her early childhood and focused it on Kasumi. However, due to Kasumi's skill, Ayane has not succeed her mission of killing her yet. Ryu Hayabusa probably has become Kasumi's closest intimate. He promised Hayate to keep her safe from harm since the events during the 2nd Dead or Alive tournament. Till now, Ryu did as he promised, especially when he killed the evil rouge Tengu.

    Personality​ (top)

    Although she is a shinobi skilled with deadly abilities, Kasumi is portrayed as a kind, innocent character, neither trying to head for confrontation nor fight for winning. The only person Kasumi ever felt hatred towards was Raidou, showing that she is also able to shed blood when she killed him. She does not enjoy or wish to fight and would like nothing more than to return home in peace. Kasumi is a "soft" character, known to be honest, helpful and caring, especially to her friends and her family. Aside from the first one, her only reason for joining the Dead or Alive tournaments was to fulfil her desire for seeing Hayate again.

    Trivia​ (top)

    • Kasumi is Tomonobu Itagaki's favorite character in the series
    • Kasumi's trademarks are sakura petals, her wakizashi sword and her blue shinobi outfit, with her name written on the back
    • Her blue shinobi costume and it's white version have appeared in all of the Dead or Alive games in the main series
    • She is a weakling in beach volleyball
    • Her favorite color is milky pink
    • The kanji used to spell Kasumi's name means "Mist"
    • Kasumi's favorite food is strawberry mille-feuille

    Gameplay​ (top)

    Kasumi is a well-rounded character in matters of offensive, owning a plethora of fast jabs, mid punches and kicks that can be combined with quick launching attacks. With her great speed and excellent mix-up combinations, she is ideal for rushdown and aggressive tactics to pull her opponents off guard. It is hard to keep a competent Kasumi player at bay, with teleportation moves and some good long-range attacks, she can be easily come up to close range, starting pressure with quick jabs and mid punches, inevitably landing that counter-blow she needs to clip a good chunk of health from her opponent by utilizing her string mix-ups, free cancel mix-ups and delayed attacks.

    In terms of defense, she's no slouch either. She has parries and advanced parries that can put her in a good situation to deal damage. Despite this, a Kasumi player has to be wary of how to use tools properly, because she is highly unsafe on block, leaving her in high disadvantage. Every assault should be planned out carefully, pressing buttons for the sake of pressing buttons will result in hard punishment.

    Frame Data​ (top)

    Charactersheet - Dead or Alive 4
    Charactersheet - Dead or Alive 5

    References and external Links​ (top)

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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kasumi_%28Dead_or_Alive%29, January, 21, 2014
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