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  • Nicole / SPARTAN-458
    Debut: DOA 4
    Fighting Style: Close Quarter Military Combat
    Birthday: Dec 19th
    Stats: Height - 7'2" (in armor)
    Weight - 980 lbs (in armor)
    Body type - B125 W77 H105cm / B49" W30" H41"
    ニコール・ヨンゴーハチ, Nikōru Yon-gō-hachi

    Guest Character in DOA4 courtesy of Bungie Sudios/Microsoft.(Unlockable)

    Back Story​

    Spartan 458 was onbaord the Nassu Station while it was caught during a timestream bubble that sent the station to 21st century earth. There she gaurds the station from intruders until the timestream bubble closes and sends her back to the 26th century.
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