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  • Jann Lee
    Debut: DOA
    Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
    Birthday: Nov 27th (Age 20)
    Stats: Height - 177 cm / 5'10"
    Weight - 75 kg / 165 lbs
    Body type - B99 W80 H92 cm / B39" W31" H36"

    Games appeared in: DOA, DOA++, DOA2, DOA2LE, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3, DOA4, DOA Dimensions

    First appearance: DOA

    Stage music​ (top)

    Lonely Warrior - DOA
    Heated Heartbeat - DOA -Playstation only
    Natural High - DOA2
    Trip - DOA3
    Fang - DOA4

    Jann Lee (Chinese: 振李, Pinyin: Zhèn Lǐ, Katakana: ジャン・リー, Rōmaji: Jan Rī) is one of the characters who debuted in the first Dead or Alive, hot blooded and defiant, after a rough upbringing he is fueled by his desire to be the best fighter of all time, he got his fighting style and mannerisms from the late martial arts master and movie star Bruce Lee.

    Back Story​ (top)


    Jann Lee was orphaned at a young age. His parents were murdered and he lived off the streets of china for many years. To survive the challenges he learned to defend himself by learning martials from movies, most notably Bruce Lee flicks. When he was old enough, Jann Lee started working as a bodyguard for an unspecified entity.

    A few years before the first DOA tournament, Jann Lee rescued a young girl (Lei Fang) from a gang. She thanked him for saving her but she felt she could of handled it herself.

    When the first DOA tournament was announced, Jann Lee decided to enter in hope of competing against strong opponents. As he battles on he meets up with Lei Fang. Lei Fang turns out to be the girl he saved years ago. She was influenced by Jann Lee's actions to train herself and challenge him. Jann lee fights and defeats Lei Fang and continues on his way, but does not make it much farther in the tournament.

    Jann Lee entered the second DOA tournament with hopes of winning this time. Jann Lee was once again challenged by Lei Fang and defeated her once again. Unfortunately Jann Lee did not make it to the finals as he lost to Ryu Hayabusa. it seems that between the events of the first and the second tournament he dropped his previous job as bodyguard to work as a bouncer for a high class casino.

    Jann Lee returns once again for the third DOA tournament. He meets up with Hitomi, whom he trades fighting philosophies with. After fighting, both Jann Lee and Hitomi develop a mutual respect for one another. Lei Fang also appears once again challenging Jann Lee and like before, fails to beat him. Jann Lee again doesn't reach the DOA finals losing in the semi finals. It is unclear if he lost to either Zack or Gen Fu, who face each other in the tournament finals.

    During the fourth DOA tournament, Jann lee returned once again with his sights on winning the tournament. He meets up with Hitomi again by saving her from a T-Rex. Hitomi objects to her violent rescue and challenges Jann Lee. he later confronts an old rival, Ryu Hayabusa, after they both display their abilities in the art of the nunchaku, they engage in a battle which Jann Lee presumably wins.Towards the end of the tournament, Lei Fang shows up once again to challenge Jann Lee. In a surprising turn of events, Jann Lee is defeated by Lei Fang and is eliminated from the tournament. Jann Lee quietly returns to his job as a bouncer and continues his training for when his next opportunity presents itself.

    He is then seen training in a temple where he meets Kokoro, and after after an interesting trade of events they end up sparring against each other, he is later seen getting into a bar fight against Brad Wong making Rig step in, after this, Jann Lee challenges Rig to a match which he losses, after that, he meets up with Lei Fang under very uncomfortable circumstances but he pays no mayor importance to the situation, he is later invited to the fifth tournament by Zack, he accepts and then fights Lei Fang, Bass and Hitomi at the tournament, he defeats all of them and claims victory, however, without even leaving a chance to be proclamed the winner, he goes back to the bar at the offshore platorm and swears to defeat Rig one day, and settle the score against him.

    Character Links​ (top)

    Jann Lee is a true combatant. He thrives to fight opponents who are stronger than him. And because of this he was developed some rivalries and friendships with a few of the other DOA warriors.

    Jann Lee's longest rivalry comes from Lei Fang. Lei Fang has followed Jann Lee into each of the tournaments in hope of defeating and proving herself to him. Jann Lee finally loses to her in the 4th DOA tournament and acknwoledges her strength.

    Jann Lee's second rival is Ryu Hayabusa, their socre seems to be even currently and its clear they both respect each other as masters of their arts.

    One of Jann Lee's few friends is Hitomi. Both hold high respect for one another and share the same philosphy in regard to martial arts. Jann Lee and Hitomi first met in the 3rd DOA tournament resulting in Jann Lee winning. They met once again in the 4th tournament with Jann Lee saving Hitomi from a T-Rex looking for lunch. They fought again as Hitomi objected to Jann Lee's violent response to the dinosaur's attack.

    Jann Lee and Leon have met once before in the third tournament with Jann Lee coming victorious out of their bout.

    He has developed a burning grudge against Rig after he beat him in a bar fight, Jann Lee has decided to pursue Rig in order to settle the score, it is still unknown when the next duel between these two will occur.

    Gameplay​ (top)


    - Fastest male character in the game.
    - Can play at range and in close quarters.
    - Has arguably the best unblockable in the game.
    - Above average damage from launchers.
    - Above average walk speed.


    - Very predictable.
    - Poor mix-up.
    - Very unsafe.

    Top 10 moves

    - :4::P::P::P:: Multi purpose tool with good range and delay capability.
    - :6::6::K:: Safe poke, great for keep away and whiff punishing.
    - :6::P:: 11F mid with delayable followups.
    - :6::K:: 13F mid kick, deep stun with delayable followups, catches back turned situations.
    - :6::6::H+P:: Offensive hold, on impact it gives +23 frames, full reset.
    - :H+K:: Low crush move, gives a sitdown stun after stun or on counter hit.
    - :6::H+K:: Deep stun, provides good mix-up in stun or without it.
    - :P::6::P:: Normal hit stun, provides easy mix-up situations.
    - :7::K:: Normal hit stun, second best launcher, tracks and on counter hit it grants full combos.
    - :2::3::6::P:: Safe poke, good damage, can be used in the same fashion as :6::6::K:.



    - 6 and beyond: :H+P:
    - 8 and beyond: :6::H+P:
    - 11 and beyond: :P::6::P:
    - 13 and beyond: :2::1::4::H+P:
    - 14 and beyond: :6::6::P:, :2::3::6::P:
    - 15 and beyond: :7::K:, :4::4::P:
    - 16 and beyond: :6::H+K:, :P+K:
    - 17 and beyond: :4::P::P::P:
    - 18 and beyond: :2::3::6::H+P: (possible followup), :6::6::K:
    - 19 and beyond: :H+K:
    - 20 and beyond: :8::K:
    - 21 and beyond: :4::H+K:, :6::P+K:, :1::K:
    - 24 and beyond: :6::6::H+P:, :7::P:

    Low punishes
    - 6 and beyond: :2::H+P:
    - 8 and beyond: :1::H+P:
    - 12 and beyond: :6::P:
    - 14 and beyond: :6::K:, :4::6::P: (while crouching)
    - 15 and beyond: :3::P:, :3::K:, :4::K:, :4::4::P:
    - 16 and beyond: :P+K:
    - 17 and beyond: :4::P::P::P:, :9::K:
    - 19 and beyond: :3::P+K:
    - 21 and beyond: :6::P+K:, :4::H+K:

    Character breakdown

    Jann Lee has the edge of being able to play both very defensively and offensively, being a Jeet Kune Do practicioner he has fast close range pokes and explosive ranged attacks that cause heavy knockdown, however, he can't play on one side of the field the entire match, in both situations he can get extremely repetitive and therefore lose his momentum.

    Jann Lee lacks in the mix-up department which makes it difficult to open up his opponents since they don't have to duck for lows, he has to rely on 50-50s and the fear for dragon gunner to start his pressure, both in stun and on blocking situations.

    His dragon gunner should be used with caution as it is very unsafe if it whiffs and being and OH it gives HCH damage to your opponent, following the fact that its an OH it is better implemented after GBs and wake up situations.

    His dragon stance (DS) has two main uses, to bait your opponent in and to use in mid stun/pressuring, while this stance leaves him open for attacks, he gains the fastest mids in the game, an 10F mid punch and an 11F kick as well as an 9F jab, any opponent who rushes in while you're in stance is bound to get hit.

    His throw game is exceptional as well, with very damaging throws both at the wall and in open ground, his :6::H+P: at the wall grants the opportunity to transition into DS which can lead into very devastating mix-ups.

    Moveset & Combos​ (top)

    To be added later. - Darkslay -
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