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  • Bass Armstrong
    Debut: DOA (PSX)
    Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling
    Birthday: July 4th (Age 46(DOA1-4))
    (Age 48(DOA5))
    Stats: Height - 196 cm, 6'5"
    Weight - 157 kg, 346 lbs
    Body type - B143 W135 H136 cm, B56" W53" H54"
    バース・アームストロング, băs ărmstrŏng

    Games appeared in: DOA(PSX), DOA++, DOA2, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3, DOA 4, DOA Dimensions

    First Appearance: DOA PSX (does not appear in first arcade release or sega saturn port)

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Superstar - Dead or Alive
    YES or YES - Dead or Alive 2
    Power Shovel - Dead or Alive 3
    Steel Horse Rider - Dead or Alive 4

    Ending Music​ (top)

    Route X and Sunny Side - Dead or Alive 3 Ending Themes
    Nasty Girl - Dead or Alive 4 Ending Theme

    Back Story​ (top)

    An immensely powerful former professional wrestler. He always worries about his only daughter Tina, born to his late wife Alicia.

    Gameplay​ (top)

    Bass - Strategy - DOA5LR
    Starting out with DOA5LR Bass

    Moveset & Combos​ (top)

    Bass - Move Analysis - DOA5LR
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