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  • Helena Douglas
    Debut: DOA 2
    Fighting Style: Pi Qua Quan
    Birthday: Jan 30th (Age 21)
    Stats: Height - 170 cm / 5'7"
    Weight - 49 kg / 108 lbs
    Body type - B90 W56 H86 cm / B35" W22" H34"

    Games appeared in: DOA2, DOA2 LE, DOA2H, DOA2U, DOA3, DOA4(unlockable), DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, DOA Xtreme 2, DOA Paradise, DOA Dimensions

    First Appearance: DOA2

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Blazed Up Melpomene - DOA2
    Blood Tie - DOA4
    Solitary Desperation - DOA4

    Ending Music​ (top)

    Amazing - DOA4

    Back Story​ (top)


    Helena Douglas is the bastard child of Fame Douglas, owner of DOATEC. Her mother is Maria whom had an relationship with Fame Douglas. Maria raised Helena to be an Opera singer but also stuided the martial art of Pi Qua Quan on the side. Helena did not partake in the first DOA tournmanet nor cared for it really. Her father was killed during the first tournament and this did not phase her in the slightest.

    During an opera performance, Helena was the target of a sniper assassin but Maria saw the sniper before the trigger was pulled. Maria rushed to Helena and pushed her aside and instead took the bullet. Maria was dead and Helena stood there in shock and covered in blood. Helena did some investigating and learn that DOATEC was somehow involved with her assassination attempt and her mother's death. So to learn more about this connection Helena entered the 2nd DOA tournament.

    During the 2nd tournament Helena learns about Project Epsilon and later on encounter Ein( Hayate). She confronts him about it only to confuse him. Afterwards, Helena meets up with Gen Fu who is inquisitive about why she is in the tournament. Helena brushes off his question and decides to fight Gen Fu who she also sees as a feeble old man. Helena next opponent ends up being Ayane, whom she immidiately accuses as her mothers killer. Ayane doesn't confirm or denies the accusation but instead taunts Helena. Enfuriated Helena attacks Ayane only to lose and be eliminated from the tournament.

    Helena's defeat did not defer her at all. She decided to enter the 3rd DOA tournament to get another shot at Ayane. However she is captured by Donovan and given an ultimatum for her freedom. Donovan tells her she must win the tournament in order to win her freedom. Donovan also assigns Christie to watch Helena closely and to kill her if she deviates from the plan. Christie eveuntallu confronts Helena revealing to Helena that she is an assassin hired to kill her. Helena defeats Christie and frees herself. She leaves the tournament and goes on a much deserved vacation on her boat.

    After her vacation Helena returns and takes control of DOATEC in an attempt to destroy it and kill Donovan. She tries to hire Bayman to kill Donovan but he refuses stating that he intends to do it himself. As the owner of DOATEC, Helena learns about ALPHA-152, which is a super Soldier clone of Kasumi. Helena finds and tells Kasumi about her clone. Helena then meets up with Christie and learns that it was Christie that killed Maria. They both battle with Helena coming out the winner again but afterwards Helena tells Christie to flee the towers.

    As the Mugen Ninja Clan continue their attack, Helena heads to the control room and activates the Tri Towers self destruct program. As the towes begin to implode and engulf themselves in fire, Helena makes her way to the top of the tower. There she intends to give up her life and take everything she knows about DOATEC with her. At the last moment Zack arrives, while hanging from a ladder on a helicopter, grabs Helena and flies her to saftey.

    Character Links​ (top)

    While not even trying, Helena developed a ton of enemies in the DOA. It starts off with Donovan hiring Christie to kill her after the assassination her father because he feared Helena would take over DOATEC after her father's death. Then there is Christie herself who was hired to watch Helena after a botched murder which resulted in the death of Helena's mother. Christie pretended to be a friend and servant to Helena only to reveal herself.

    Then there is Helena's estranged relationships with Gen Fu and Kokoro. In the 2nd tournament she saw him as a feeble old man only to respect him after they fought. With Kokoro, Helena somehow knew that they were related even mentioning that their fateful meeting was driven by their blood in the 4th tournament.

    Gameplay​ (top)

    To be added later

    Moveset & Combos​ (top)

    To be added later.

    Frame Data​ (top)

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Helena's Frame Data
    Helena - Frame Data - DOA5LR (Ver. 1.04)
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