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  • Christie
    Debut: DOA3
    Fighting Style: She Quan
    Birthday: Dec 18th (Age 24)
    Stats: Height - 177 cm / 5'10"
    Weight - 57 kg / 126 lbs
    Body type - B93 W59 H88 cm / B37" W23" H35"

    Games Appeared in: DOA3, DOA4, DOA Xtreme Volleyball, DOA Xtreme 2, DOA Paradise, DOA Dimensions

    First appearence: DOA3

    Stage Music​ (top)

    Monster - Dead or Alive 3
    Serpent Dance - Dead or Alive 4

    Ending Music​ (top)

    Eclipse - Dead or Alive 3
    My Grave - Dead or Alive 4

    Story​ (top)


    Christie was hired by Victor Donovan to kill Helena Douglas, the daughter of Fame Douglas. With Helena dead, Donovan would be able to completely take over DOATEC without any opposition. Christie tried to kill Helena with a sniper scope at one of Helena's opera performances. However Helena's mother got in front of the bullet and was killed instead.

    For the 3rd DOA tournament, Donovan rehired Christie and instructed her to keep an eye on Helena and kill her if she begins to snoop around. Towards the end of the tournament Christie reveals herself to Helena and the pair fight it out. Helena wins the confrontation and Christie returns to her apartment awaiting her next contract.

    Donovan however proves to be a real forgiving man when he hires Christie again to work for him. This time she is to guard DOATEC from the Mugen Tenshin tribe and kill Helena if they cross paths. Christie does eventually catch up to Helena and reveals that she killed Helena's mother. Helena wins the fight once again and Christie retreats once the Tri Towers start to implode.

    After the fall of DOATEC, Christie works undercover as a stripper to get close to and kill a mob boss. She succeeds and awaits her next mission.

    Character Links​ (top)

    As a professional assassin Christie manages to keep a very low profile only allowing her employer to know of her existence. Victor Donovan becomes one of her better employers hiring her three times despite failing at her job each time.

    The only people who know of her profession is Helena and Bayman. Christie was to kill Helena and botched the job three times. The first time was at the opera house but Helena's mother traded her life for her daughter's. The second time was by getting in close via undercover as her closest servant. The final time there was Bayman, who disregard Christie as just one of Donovan's Lapdog, and afterwards had a brief fight during the 3rd DOA tournament.

    Gameplay​ (top)

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    Moveset & Combos​ (top)

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