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  • Rachel
    Debut: Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate
    Fighting Style: Counter Fiend Combat
    Birthday: June 14th
    Stats: Height - 172 cm / 5'8"
    Weight - 59 kg / 130 lbs
    Body type - B96 W60 H92 cm / B38" W24" H36"

    Back Story​

    Rachel's life's purpose is to eradicate fiends.
    As a half-fiend herself, her beauty belies a dangerous strength.
    Although her cool demeanor may not show it, Rachel enjoys DOA fights, where she can put her fighting skills to a use other than fiend hunting.

    Fighting style​

    Despite being a heavy-weight powerhouse,
    she has a wide variety of move chains at her disposal.
    She is particularly skilled at throwing, and is partial to air throws.
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