Bass (DOA6)

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    King of the Ring

    An immensely strong former professional wrestler. He always worries about his and his late wife’s only daughter Tina, as she keeps chasing various dreams, trying herself out as a model, an actress, and even a rock star, instead of keeping with the family legacy and focusing on becoming a world-class wrestler. Bass had moved to New York, bringing Rig with him, after the DOATEC plant they both worked on was destroyed, but what does he plan to do now?

    Fighting style

    Professional Wrestling
    He overwhelms his opponents with his impressive raw power and versatile throwing techniques. A single blow of his can be enough to change the tide of any fight.

    Personal Data

    Country : USA
    Age : 48
    Blood Type : O
    Height/Weight : 196cm/157kg
    Occupation : Former Oil Platform Employee
    Favorite food or drink : Chicken Sauté
    Hobby : Motorcycles, training with Tina

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