Jann Lee (DOA6)

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    Master of Jeet Kune Do, nicknamed "Dragon." He constantly seeks to test himself against the most fearsome opponents. He cares more about the level of skill than the level of fame, and keeps up his training even after taking the Champion’s title in the previous tournament. He joins DEAD OR ALIVE tournament seeking a true challenge that would make his blood boil once more.

    Fighting style

    Jeet Kune Do
    Excellent for exploiting walls and Danger Zones with his explosive knock-back strikes.

    Personal Data

    Country : China
    Age : 22
    Birthday : November 27
    Blood type : AB
    Height/Weight : 177cm/75kg
    Occupation : Bouncer
    Favorite food : Hamburgers, Grapefruit
    Hobbies : Watching Action Movies


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