Helena (DOA6)

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    The youthful leader of the enormous DOATEC conglomerate. Though the company was once involved in the development of terrifying biological weapons, Helena is seeking to start anew. Carrying out her father's last wishes, and in pursuit of a sound mind, she announces the sixth Dead or Alive Tournament.

    Fighting style

    Pi Gua Quan
    Helena excels at using the low 'bokuho' stance to smoothly evade her opponent's attacks, before choosing the perfect moment to launch devastating counters.

    Personal Data

    Country : France
    Age : 23
    Birthday : January 30
    Blood type : AB
    Height/Weight : 170cm/49kg
    Occupation : Head of DOATEC
    Favorite food : Blanc Manger
    Hobbies : Walking her beloved pet dog

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