Bayman (DOA6)

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    A man of few words, Bayman used to be an assassin who carried out his tasks with the utmost perfection. He first joined the DOA Tournament because he was the one tasked with the assassination of Fame Douglas. However, at the end of his mission he was betrayed by his employer, who tried to murder him to tie the loose ends. The scar on his face became the seal of promise to carry out his revenge for this betrayal, and with the support of Helena as the head of DOATEC, he now hunts his former employer Donovan and his secret organization M.I.S.T., to destroy them once and for all.

    Fighting style

    Combat Sambo
    Bayman is a hold specialist who uses Combat Sambo, a close-quarters fighting style of the Russian military.

    Personal Data

    Country : Russia
    Age : 33
    Blood Type : B
    Height/Weight : 188cm/105kg
    Occupation : Former Assassin
    Favorite food or drink : Beef stew
    Hobby : Collecting weapons, chess

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