Phase 4 (DOA6)

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    Phase 4 is a man-made weapon that still retains the memories and personality of the one she was cloned from. Her codename is "Kasumi Alpha Phase 4," and "Phase 4" indicates the final stage of the clone weapon production of M.I.S.T.'s Project Alpha. This first prototype model had already passed the operational test in a warzone, and has entered the mass-production stage.

    Fighting style

    Her technique is based on Kasumi’s Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu, with added improvements, the exact nature of which are highly classified. Every aspect of this human weapon is veiled in a black mist of secrecy.

    Personal Data

    Country : Unknown
    Age : Unknown
    Blood Type : Unknown
    Height/Weight : 158cm/48kg
    Occupation : Unknown
    Favorite food or drink : Unknown
    Hobby : Unknown


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