Nyotengu (DOA6)

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    Legends of the Nyotengu has always persisted in mountainous regions of Japan. Her beauty is famed throughout the land, and has been spoken of for generations. Once again, she has descended to the human realm to appease her boredom. She was attracted by the rumors of one Ryu Hayabusa, the human who defeated Bankotsubo.

    Fighting style

    Nyotengu’s powerful Tengu-do strikes are difficult to imagine from her graceful beauty, and she skillfully uses her wings to execute aerial attacks that defy the norms of human capabilities.

    Personal Data

    Country : Unknown
    Age : 1018 human years
    Blood Type : Unknown
    Height/Weight : 172cm/Unknown
    Occupation : Unknown
    Favorite food or drink : Manjū
    Hobby : Unknown


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