La Mariposa (DOA6)

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    Tina's rival from her professional wrestling days. A luchadora proficient in a range of spectacular and acrobatic attacks. Beneath her mask, however, she is the DOATEC's researcher Lisa Hamilton, the head of the Project Epsilon, which was used to conduct experiments on Hayate. During the 5th Tournament she was caught in the explosion following the deadly battle between Rig and Hayate, and it was rumored that La Mariposa had retired...

    Fighting style

    Lucha Libre
    La Mariposa's Lucha Libre style excels at aerial attacks, while her tricky movements disrupt her opponents' rhythm.

    Personal Data

    Country : USA
    Age : Unknown
    Blood Type : Unknown
    Height/Weight : 175cm/53kg
    Occupation : Luchadora
    Favorite food or drink : Apple Pie
    Hobby : Scuba diving

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