Kokoro (DOA6)

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    A young woman training to become a maiko and in the art of Ba Ji Quan in Kyoto, she has matured and improved her skills with every DOA Tournament. Cheerful and positive, she has developed a lithe and graceful fighting style combining both hard and soft elements, representing the spirit she has refined through her maiko training. But what goes through her heart now, as her mother Miyako, the fifth lover of DOATEC founder Fame Douglas, has decided to defect to M.I.S.T., leaving Kokoro behind?

    Fighting style

    Ba Ji Quan
    She has very powerful mid-range attacks, using elbow and palm thrusts, and specializes in throw moves aimed to destroy her opponent's stance.

    Personal Data

    Country : Japan
    Age : 19
    Blood Type : A
    Height/Weight : 158cm/49kg
    Occupation : Student/Maiko
    Favorite food or drink : Anmitsu and shiruko
    Hobby : playing the Piano

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