Rig (DOA6)

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    Rig used to work as the supervisor and chief engineer on the oil platform owned by DOATEC that was burned during the 5th Tournament. He had lived on that platform since he was a child, and after the accident, not knowing anything about his own origins, and having nowhere else to go, he moved to New York to live with his friend. Thrown into this new life without the only work he knew, Rig was faced with too much free time and boredom he was not used to.

    Fighting style

    He is a master of taekwondo, and his style keeps evolving, becoming more and more tricky and acrobatic.

    Personal Data

    Country : Canada
    Age : Unknown
    Blood Type : Unknown
    Height/Weight : 185cm/87kg
    Occupation : Former Oil Platform Supervisor
    Favorite food or drink : Beer
    Hobby : Drinking after work

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