Mila (DOA6)

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    A young up-and-coming mixed martial arts champion who has scored spectacular victories all over the world. She is a devoted fan of Bass, her admiration towards him so intense that one of her biggest dreams is actually to meet him in the ring. She spends her days training at the gym in between shifts of her part-time jobs to make that dream come true. Her true charm lies in that earnestness and the tomboyish personality of hers.

    Fighting style

    Mixed Martial Arts
    Mila is an aggressive MMA fighter who mixes quick, orthodox strikes with a strong follow-up ground game from her takedowns.

    Personal Data

    Country : Spain
    Age : 21
    Blood Type : O
    Height/Weight : 170cm/52kg
    Occupation : Part-time worker
    Favorite food or drink : Seafood Paella
    Hobby : Watching Wrestling

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