Marie Rose (DOA6)

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    Marie Rose seems to be employed as Helena's maid, but her true character is shrouded in mystery. This time, she sets out on a training journey with Honoka as a part of a certain mission... But who is she really, and what secrets are hiding behind that devilish smile?

    Fighting style

    Systema is a Russian martial art and a military form of combat that emphasizes constant fluidity of movement. It allows Marie Rose to use her small frame to her advantage, and turn the opponents' attacks against them, outmaneuvering them with a variety of tricky moves.

    Personal Data

    Country : Sweden
    Age : 18
    Blood Type : AB
    Height/Weight : 147cm/39kg
    Occupation : Servant
    Favorite food or drink : Prinsesstårta
    Hobby : Sewing and watching horror movies

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