Leifang (DOA6)

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    Leifang is a true prodigy of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Coming from an affluent family, she is a rather prideful young woman, and in the past Jann Lee had hurt that pride by saving her from a group of thugs, prompting her to focus on her training more fiercely. Since that incident, Leifang have polished her T'ai Chi skills and entered the DOA Tournament multiple times, aiming to defeat “that guy” and prove her strength to him. Yet, perhaps her feelings towards him have begun to shift from simple competitiveness into something more...

    Fighting style

    T'ai Chi Ch'uan
    Her strength lies in T’ai Chi holds that use her opponents' power against them, and powerful attacks from "Sabaki" and "Inashi" parries.

    Personal Data

    Country : China
    Age : 21
    Blood Type : B
    Height/Weight : 163cm/50kg
    Occupation : College Student
    Favorite food or drink : Annin tofu
    Hobby : Aromatherapy

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