Hitomi (DOA6)

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    Hitomi is of mixed Japanese-German descent, and had been trained in karate from a very young age. In the past, she had found and rescued Ein who had lost his memories, and while they were learning karate in her father’s dojo, she had begun to develop feelings for him. He, however, chose to leave her behind to re-discover his own past. Now, Hitomi continues her own training with her feelings towards him still hidden close to her heart.

    Fighting style

    A well-balanced fighter in terms of speed, power, and reach, she also uses moves that combine both offensive and defensive elements in one.

    Personal Data

    Country : Germany
    Age : 20
    Blood Type : O
    Height/Weight : 160cm/49kg
    Occupation : College Student/Karate Instructor
    Favorite food or drink : Sachertorte
    Hobby : Cooking

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